Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have a Tumblr now.
After considering deleting this blog, I decided to keep it up just for grins, BUT from now on I will mostly be updating on the Tumblr blog.
I might have something on here, once or twice. Maaaybe, but only because I actually have followers now (Only five, but that's better than nothing.)


Thursday, April 1, 2010

I caught a lizard, and you didn't!

Or maybe you did. How am I supposed to know?
Anyway, in the ordinary course of walking home from school today, I saw something in the shade of a Dumpster in the parking lot. Was it a twig? A rock? A piece of trash?
No. It was, ladies and gentlemen, a LIZARD.
Not only was it a tiny reptile, but it was a tiny reptile with tiny aqua-blue spots on its back! I almost died with excitement. Working swiftly and silently, I unzipped my backpack, took out my dorky Tupperware lunchbox thing, (this, below, if you don't know what I'm talking about)
... removed the lid, and held it trembling above the creature's unsuspecting body. I cooed softly to the critter and reassured him that I just wanted to be BFFs, that I wasn't trying to kill him, you're cool, just stay still, little buddy, okay... then I happened to glance up, and saw this guy in my history class, who was walking past the Dumpster. We made eye contact for one uncomfortable second, then he kept walking. Awkward.
I didn't want to risk being seen chitchatting with a lizard by anyone else, so I snapped down the container, which commenced a great grand flurry of wriggling and scrabbling by the lizard. Then I had a grand time trying to get the lid back on the container without the creature leaping out and attacking me, and without sealing the lid so that it wouldn't be able to breathe. I ran all the way home, holding the lid so that it was hovering precariously an inch off the container. The lizard could breathe easily with the air I was allowing in, but it could also hop right out of the container and land on my face.
See, that's why I was running.
I did get it home though, and fashioned a quick terrarium out of a plastic box, tape, and some plastic wrap with holes poked in the top. I call him Charybdis, and he is my best friend forever.
At least, until I find a way to play an April Fool's prank using him, and then set him free again. I'm thinking I'll put him in my sister's backpack, but maybe that's too gross.