Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Today was a day of indulgences. I went for a really long walk this morning because my dad had checked the online grade-checker thing, which shows every grade that you receive on every assignment for the year, and had seen that I'd sort of gotten a little bit of a C on a math test, which is much lower than I usually score.
Dad: "Jen, you got a C on... "chapter nine assessment?" Is that something you need help with?
Me: ...
And then I left to avoid an interrogation. I am a coward.
But anyway, I stopped in at the grocery store near my house before heading for the creek for an Odwalla, which is probably what God drinks every day, which is the modern-day ambrosia and nectar, which I worship, therefore I can excuse its ridiculous price range. (The pomegranate ones sometimes cost over four dollars.) Anyway, for some reason they weren't selling the regular sized bottles, instead only offering the slightly larger size.
After a few hours of walking, I returned home, hoping my father had gotten distracted by something else. Sure enough, he had: after our dishwasher flooded, he has spent several weekends remodeling the water-damaged bathroom that is adjacent to the laundry room. He painted it the same yellowish color of raw polenta, then furnished with white. Going in there sort of feels like walking into a hard-boiled egg. Not pleasant.
Anyway, he was painting when I arrived. I stuck my head into the bathroom and asked if he was ready for our weekend-ly run. That kept his mind off of the C for another hour. Then I dashed out to the grocery store again to buy pine nuts and cheese; I was planning to make Greek pizzas for dinner. While I was there, I saw a little tub of ginger ice cream that was so pretty and cute and classy-sounding (oh, I think I'll just treat myself to some ginger ice cream) that I had to get it.
It was faboo, by the way. Superb. I just ate my first scoop for dessert and it was possibly the most marvelous ice cream that I have ever tasted, ever.
Well, that wasn't much, but that's all I have to say . I really just wanted to have a post up that actually wasn't a survey.

(That picture at the top is of a random collage, by the way. I have been spending quite a bit of time creating random collages to put on my binders.)

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