Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just a couple things

Hello, America. First, just a couple of things I wanted to show you:IT IS THE REAL-LIFE RUSSELL. I WANT TO MARRY THIS KID, AND I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING RIGHT NOW.

Oh, I have major skills if this is true. I have been tripping so much lately, it's just crazy. Sorry if you were one of the people who I crashed into/almost crashed into/grabbed suddenly for support to avoid crashing into you these past few weeks.
It's a mystery.

Anyway, do you guys remember that half-broken laptop that I have in my room, the one where the only thing that worked was the Appleworks, and then Appleworks broke so it was just sitting there useless?
Yeah, I don't know if I have mentioned this yet, but it has un-broken itself, somehow. I restarted it for the millionth time in an attempt to fix it, and voila, I guess it got tired of being broken, and it worked again.
So now I have resumed my great American novel (ha ha ha ha ha ha NOT) and perhaps will be spending a bit less time blogging.
NOT TO SAY that I am going to give up on it. I deeply apologize for considering it... twice. And for still considering it, a little bit.
I mean, it's just that I really have nothing to say. Oh and that reminds me, *clumsily drops to knees, awkwardly readjusts backbrace to make this position possible, bows head, and presses palms together* there is at least one person who reads my blog often, out of my grand total of four followers. Please, kind sir or mistress, will you leave a comment on a post or in the cbox? I used to get comments every once in a while and I would pee my pants with happiness. It would make my entire day worthwhile. My entire life.
I guess, when my blog started sucking, and I cannot quite pinpoint when that happened, (except for that I think I can, but the reason is so pathetic that I am not even going to say it) people stopped leaving warm fuzzies for me.
Cry, cry, cry.

Oh gosh, do you know what I hate more than anything in the world?
Okay, not more than anything in the world. But it is pretty gosh-darn annoying, and gross. Are you tired of buildup and just want to hear what it is now?
When milk goes bad. Blech, blech. I never notice when it's in the jug, so I just pour it out like normal. And when it hasn't gone super-bad, just a little sour, but it's not chunky yet, you don't even know it until you taste it/smell it. Well, today I was making a mushroom sauce that called for milk, so I dumped the milk over my pan of already seasoned and cooked mushrooms and caramelized onions that were the perfect golden color and everything smelled delicious, but then after I poured the milk over it all I noticed this terrible smell. Like, really, really awful. It was the milk.
I had just poured spoiled milk over my lovely onions and mushrooms, so now the entire panful of food was useless. I wanted to slap myself, but my mom did that for me. Ha-ha, just kidding. But that was an enormous waste, and I had to eat my dinner of tofu with boring old soy sauce from a bottle instead of creamy fresh homemade mushroom sauce.
Cry, cry, cry.

Do I have anything to talk about that doesn't make me cry? Yes, I do. Several happy things happened today.
  • I got to open a brand-new box of fabric softener sheets, and used three of them in my laundry.
  • And then I wore a pair of sweatpants right out of the dryer, and my legs were so warm and yummy-feeling for the five minutes that the warmth lasted.
  • I brushed the extra hair off of my cat today, and then made a little mustache out of the loose fur. (WhyamIsoincrediblycool?)
  • I hit a triple at my softball game today, and then my coach let me play first base for two innings.
  • My sister let me hug her.
  • I painted the fingernails on my left hand turquoise, and the fingernails on my right hand pearly pink.
  • I stubbed my toe, but for some reason it didn't hurt.
  • I read the Odyssey out loud to my cat. He enjoyed it, I think. Well, I did, at least.
Oh, to end things on a happy note~~

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