Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weeds and Bacon

Those are weeds I'm standing in. I know, weeds are supposed to be ugly.
These were the nicest-looking weeds I've ever seen in my life. Or maybe I just liked them because they matched my shoes.

Well, I think there's something wrong with me. A few days ago I was living my humdrum life, making cynical comments inside my head and constantly waiting for the week/year/rest of the life to end. But then a little switch in my head flicked, a dial turned, and suddenly everything seems just fine, and even wonderful. I think I might be happier than I have ever been.
Nothing in particular happened to initiate this sudden but welcome burst of positivity. But it came forth nonetheless, and I plan to enjoy it before it sputters and fizzles, and my life descends back into its lusterless gray shades.

I have energy now. I tap and hum in class. I spin in circles down the sidewalk instead of walking, if nobody's around to see. If this goes on I'm going to jump out of my skin and explode into the sky. I will fly, fly away and never come back to the world where there are troubles, because it is simply too amazing to feel so free.

Anyway. Bacon. *click*

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