Thursday, February 4, 2010

It was wet outside today.

I used to say I loved the rain, before that I said I hated it, and before that, I loved it, and now I'm not so sure where I stand.
It can be awfully inconvenient at times, but when you have nothing to do and nowhere to go, rain can be rather pleasant. Especially the smell. During my afternoon run today, droplets started alighting on my cheeks, but never escalated into a downpour. It was kind of nice, puttering along the creekside trail with little sprinklings of water dampening my skin. I memorized its rhythm, setting my pace to the faint beat of rainwater on the ground.
Yes. Sometimes rain is very, very nice indeed.

Remember last year when the toilet flooded? Well, guess what. The washing machine flooded. We called the same company and they put in the same giant screaming fans to suck out all the water from the carpet, and we're going to have that whole entire ordeal all over again.

Also, remind me to post a picture of this pencilcase I made today. I made it out of duct tape and velcro, then pasted on a collage of newspaper comics and sealed it with packing tape.
Hurrah for real!

Okay, well, very short, dumb little post. Bite-sized. Eat up.

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