Friday, February 12, 2010


Spanish class today was the same as Spanish class any other day, except for that a little bird came fluttering in through the open door and flicked around the classroom, befuddled by the sudden change in environment.
We were equally confused. "What is that?" "Why did it come in here?" "Is it retarded?" "Can we name it?" "How are we gonna get it out?" The bird darted frantically around the classroom in an aimless, hopeless pattern, lurching from one corner to the next, seeking escape.
The teacher has the brilliant idea of turning off the lights so it would fly towards the sunlight streaming in through the door. But when she did, the bird freaked out and shot behind a filing cabinet. After a few seconds of unsure ha-ha's and a few pitying moans, the bird reappeared. It rose into the air--we held our breath--started towards the door--we bit our lips--hovered near the doorway--we crossed our fingers--then lurched upward, pitched forward, and BAM! Into the window. It was insistent that the window was the only avenue to freedom. It hurled its tiny body against the pane of glass again and again and again, torturing itself in its attempt to escape.
At this point my fingers were itching. My camera was sitting patiently right there in my backpack, but I could sense its eagerness radiating in electric pulses. We're not exactly allowed to have them on during school, but I had to ask.
"Can I take a picture of it?"
I was relieved to be granted permission. I didn't catch very much of the action, but this is what I managed to get:

The little creature did not enjoy being prodded at by the janitor, but he eventually he figured out how to get himself out the door.
We all applauded for him, but he was probably far, far away from our classroom by then, too far, far, far away to hear us.
Anyway, that was the big interest of the day. Today was "Valentine's Day," technically, since it falls on a Sunday this year. Not many people brought Valentines, not many girls paraded around with balloons and roses. It was a bit muted, but that's okay.
I have this big project to work on right now, even though what I feel like doing is...
...I spent five minutes trying to think of how to end that sentence. I don't know what I want to do, but I know that sitting my bum on a chair and researching for an hour is not it. I have way more energy than a single body can possibly contain. I need to run. That's what I need to do.

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