Monday, January 4, 2010

Maximum home enhancement.

So, remember how in the previous post I was just running off to go see Avatar?
Well, my mom decided she wanted to see it after all. And she insisted we stop at the Cost Plus World Market on the way to the theater to show us some furniture that she had seen there before. So we looked at a very dull brown armchair and nodded encouragingly as she rattled on about all the strategic places in the house she could place it for maximum home enhancement. Then we looked at a set of shelves that we really could not possibly need because it was so big, and it's not as if we have space for anything much larger than a single wooden stool.
Anyway, that made us late for the movie. By the time we got to the ticket window, (which is not even a window at all, because we went to Century Theaters) they had sold out of the next two showings.
Me: "We could see The Blindside... *nudge* *nudge*..."
Dad and sister: "No yuck ick no."
Mom: "Okay so, let's just go home."
The rest of us: "Wait for real?"
Mom: "Sure."
We ended up going to Target to buy ping pong balls and socks, which was a crazy adventure, but then we just sort of meandered back home and went on with our lives as if the whole seeing-a-movie-together charade had never even happened.
Sad news: My winter break ends tomorrow. This is my last day of schoollessness. *bawls* But to be honest, break has actually become pretty boring. I don't think I mind going back to school so much. So this is actually neutral news.
Happy news: Yesterday, I made these pretty little cakes that I meant to take a picture of, but they got eaten up before I remembered to. Heh, heh.
I made a half-batch of white cake batter, but baked it in larger than a half-size pan so it wouldn't be too thick. Then I cut it into cute little cubes, dipped each one in a sugar glaze/thin icing, then painted little flowers and things on them with food dye. They were so cute! It's too bad I didn't get a picture of them. :(
Speaking of pictures, isn't this cute?

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