Sunday, January 31, 2010


My world is dying, some of it is dead already.

It's a bit depressing to watch the trees extend skinny, naked arms up towards the sunless sky and to see plants droop drearily, defeated.
Though I have to say, the silhouettes of bare tree limbs against a cloudy sky is actually a very beautiful sight to see. And winter air is clean and fresh in the lungs, even if it chomps at fingertips with ice-cold teeth.
While the rest of the world is dying, the orange tree thrives.How many oranges do I pluck, peel, and eat during the long months of winter? A thousand, at least. The compost bin is already littered with orange skins.
Yesterday was actually a pretty nice day, but I craved comfort food nonetheless. I wandered through the grocery store and bought a package of ground beef, a bag of chocolate chips, and nine enormous mushrooms.
Stuffed mushrooms and chocolate petit fours for dinner. Yum.

I want to try to do more posts with pictures in the future, because the last time I've done a picture post was...
...long ago. I don't even remember.

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