Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reach for sky, don't assume it's too high.

Well, this is just ridiculous.
Here I go again with a post, after I said I was going to be gone for awhile. Only the most capricious of souls could break such a mighty promise.
Capricious, that's me.

Anyway, I went to Sky High today with some chums. Do you know what Sky High is? It's three trampolines with slanted walls shoved into a warehouse, with vending machines and game gadgets jammed in the empty spaces. The entire place smells like feet, and there are constantly small children capering about underfoot to trip over.
Sounds like just loads of fun, eh?
It actually was pretty gosh-darned fun, once we started boinging. It's hard to bounce off the walls and be bored at the same time; that borders on being an oxymoron. I mean, sure, there was the occasional kid bouncing into your legs or tripping onto you, but it was a fine experience.
We were the only people there who were above the age of eight. The "staff" guys, each one lanky and zitty and blond and looking exactly the same as every other "staff" guy who worked there, making me ponder the possibility that they were all clones of each other, wandered over to make sure we were following all the rules far too often. The rules included no sitting, no standing on these red pads that were all over the floor, no touching the yellow pads on the walls, no wearing shoes without laces, no talking too loud, etc. One of them would always be a few feet away, ready to pounce and say "EXCUSE ME LADEEZ BUT THAT'S NOT ALLOWED."
Just because we're not six years old and adorable, they think we've come to tear the place down. I've grown out of innocence; now I am discredited by the world.
Well, maybe not the WORLD. But at least the staff guys at Sky High.

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