Friday, October 23, 2009

T-shirts and Tutus

I'm not dead. I swear.
I guess... I've just had a really busy twenty days? High school is so nonstop. After cross country is homework, and after that is bedtime, and if there's ever any free time, my sister's always on the computer so I can't update. I used to have about twenty-thirty minutes of free time in the morning depending on how quickly I chose my outfit and ate breakfast. That was when I left for school at 8:05, barely making it to tardy bell. Now I have to leave at seven forty, so I can't really use the morning for blogging time anymore. Plus... the sister is usually watching her cop shows on it anyway.
Stuff that's happened during my absence:
  • I got my backbrace. It's really uncomfy. It's like a great big SQKWEEEEZZ around my torso... constantly. And it looks really awkward under my clothes. I tried to find shirts and stuff that hid it, but only about three shirts actually made me look normal. It really hurts in the rib area because my sister kicked me there and now there's a large and icky bruise. Putting pressure on it does not exactly relieve the pain, know what I mean? But enough complaining.
  • I finally scored a medal in cross-country. I think my dad would be pissed if I went through the whole season without a medal, so I was relieved to earn one, even if it wasn't anywhere near first place.
  • Free online barcode generator. This is mine. Get yours. *click*
  • Realization: we really have a very rowdy school. EXAMPLE: Today while crossing the street to get to the trail behind the school, a guy with his buddy parked in the passenger seat swung out from the student parking lot and swerved the car towards where my friend and I were standing and made an "OHMYGOD I'M OUT OF CONTROL" face, then veered away at the last second, sending loud guffaws out the open window as they sped down the road. Dangerous. Stupid. Rowdy. EXAMPLE: In the parking lot, a bunch of seniors were hanging off a pickup truck, sitting in the bed and jumping on the roof. The driver lurched forward to try to send all the guys flying backwards, a haphazard experiment in inertia. They all laughed and swore and clung on even as the truck screeched into the street. Dangerous. Stupid. Rowdy. EXAMPLE: As I walked home from practice today, tired and sweaty and in no state to put up with any dangerous stupid rowdy acts, of course I ran into a gang of hooligans by the creek. They greeted this vulnerable young freshman with various obscenities. Where has the respect gone? Why are people obnoxious in the face of innocent passerby?
  • Halloween. After a two-year hiatus from dressing up and trick-or-treating, my friends have peer pressured me into dressing up and going candy-begging with them. We're being MAGICKAL FAIRIES. That means t-shirts and tutus, with wands and tiaras to top it off.
  • That's it.

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Alyssa said...

i have to say, i really liked this post. especially about the school- rowdiness because i completely agree.