Thursday, October 8, 2009

My single solitary guide...

Oh my goodness. I used to only watch one show, The Office. Then I added Chopped to my queue. And then I watched two episodes of Community and fell in love. This show is hilarious. I love it. But I'm afraid I'm turning into a regular television-watcher. I used to watch TV every once in a while, now I watch it every weekend. The no-TV-on-weekdays rule still applies, though. Not that I have time on weekdays to watch TV after cross-country.
Speaking of cross-country. Eight mile workout the other day at QUICKSILVER, which means upupupupuphill. My legs have been feeling icky and weird ever since. They've never felt like this before, and I gosh darn don't like it!
Ahhhh. My sister and mom are out somewhere, and I finished my homework. Now I have the house all to myself. I walked to CVS for a roll of Necco Wafers, and now I'm blogging and listening to wonderful A Fine Frenzy and eating delicious chalky candy and enjoying the perfect lazy evening with no interruptions.
I'm glad the day worked out this way so I could have this little pocket of time to myself. It has been a busybusybusybusybusybusybusybusy week and I am SO glad tomorrow is Friday.

My dog is begging me to play with him right now. He enjoys dragging me out into the backyard and placing various objects in my hands just to snatch them back again. It's the real thrill of his day in his dog life.

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