Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I just thought I'd share some photos that make me feel extremely uncomfortable.

This next one makes my femur feel like oatmeal.
Something about children with really unnatural faces gets me. These vintage food ads give me the shivers all the way up.
Why does this kid have a pile of hot dogs lying on the table while he's eating a big bowl of pasta? If you'll notice, the spaghetti is being brought into his mouth with such force that the strands are tilted back with the tailwind... and he's not even bothering to look at where the food is going. Bright fellow.
You know you want these pork and beans. But you can't have these pork and beans. These are my pork and beans."OH MY GOD IS THAT OSTRICH LIVER? GIVE IT HERE!"
I know it's just a baby. Not even a real baby, just a doll of a baby. But it completely freaks me out.
I don't even know how I stumble across these things. I hope I've made your Tuesday a little bit creepier.

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