Friday, October 23, 2009

T-shirts and Tutus

I'm not dead. I swear.
I guess... I've just had a really busy twenty days? High school is so nonstop. After cross country is homework, and after that is bedtime, and if there's ever any free time, my sister's always on the computer so I can't update. I used to have about twenty-thirty minutes of free time in the morning depending on how quickly I chose my outfit and ate breakfast. That was when I left for school at 8:05, barely making it to tardy bell. Now I have to leave at seven forty, so I can't really use the morning for blogging time anymore. Plus... the sister is usually watching her cop shows on it anyway.
Stuff that's happened during my absence:
  • I got my backbrace. It's really uncomfy. It's like a great big SQKWEEEEZZ around my torso... constantly. And it looks really awkward under my clothes. I tried to find shirts and stuff that hid it, but only about three shirts actually made me look normal. It really hurts in the rib area because my sister kicked me there and now there's a large and icky bruise. Putting pressure on it does not exactly relieve the pain, know what I mean? But enough complaining.
  • I finally scored a medal in cross-country. I think my dad would be pissed if I went through the whole season without a medal, so I was relieved to earn one, even if it wasn't anywhere near first place.
  • Free online barcode generator. This is mine. Get yours. *click*
  • Realization: we really have a very rowdy school. EXAMPLE: Today while crossing the street to get to the trail behind the school, a guy with his buddy parked in the passenger seat swung out from the student parking lot and swerved the car towards where my friend and I were standing and made an "OHMYGOD I'M OUT OF CONTROL" face, then veered away at the last second, sending loud guffaws out the open window as they sped down the road. Dangerous. Stupid. Rowdy. EXAMPLE: In the parking lot, a bunch of seniors were hanging off a pickup truck, sitting in the bed and jumping on the roof. The driver lurched forward to try to send all the guys flying backwards, a haphazard experiment in inertia. They all laughed and swore and clung on even as the truck screeched into the street. Dangerous. Stupid. Rowdy. EXAMPLE: As I walked home from practice today, tired and sweaty and in no state to put up with any dangerous stupid rowdy acts, of course I ran into a gang of hooligans by the creek. They greeted this vulnerable young freshman with various obscenities. Where has the respect gone? Why are people obnoxious in the face of innocent passerby?
  • Halloween. After a two-year hiatus from dressing up and trick-or-treating, my friends have peer pressured me into dressing up and going candy-begging with them. We're being MAGICKAL FAIRIES. That means t-shirts and tutus, with wands and tiaras to top it off.
  • That's it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My single solitary guide...

Oh my goodness. I used to only watch one show, The Office. Then I added Chopped to my queue. And then I watched two episodes of Community and fell in love. This show is hilarious. I love it. But I'm afraid I'm turning into a regular television-watcher. I used to watch TV every once in a while, now I watch it every weekend. The no-TV-on-weekdays rule still applies, though. Not that I have time on weekdays to watch TV after cross-country.
Speaking of cross-country. Eight mile workout the other day at QUICKSILVER, which means upupupupuphill. My legs have been feeling icky and weird ever since. They've never felt like this before, and I gosh darn don't like it!
Ahhhh. My sister and mom are out somewhere, and I finished my homework. Now I have the house all to myself. I walked to CVS for a roll of Necco Wafers, and now I'm blogging and listening to wonderful A Fine Frenzy and eating delicious chalky candy and enjoying the perfect lazy evening with no interruptions.
I'm glad the day worked out this way so I could have this little pocket of time to myself. It has been a busybusybusybusybusybusybusybusy week and I am SO glad tomorrow is Friday.

My dog is begging me to play with him right now. He enjoys dragging me out into the backyard and placing various objects in my hands just to snatch them back again. It's the real thrill of his day in his dog life.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I just thought I'd share some photos that make me feel extremely uncomfortable.

This next one makes my femur feel like oatmeal.
Something about children with really unnatural faces gets me. These vintage food ads give me the shivers all the way up.
Why does this kid have a pile of hot dogs lying on the table while he's eating a big bowl of pasta? If you'll notice, the spaghetti is being brought into his mouth with such force that the strands are tilted back with the tailwind... and he's not even bothering to look at where the food is going. Bright fellow.
You know you want these pork and beans. But you can't have these pork and beans. These are my pork and beans."OH MY GOD IS THAT OSTRICH LIVER? GIVE IT HERE!"
I know it's just a baby. Not even a real baby, just a doll of a baby. But it completely freaks me out.
I don't even know how I stumble across these things. I hope I've made your Tuesday a little bit creepier.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Another quiz, yay!

You heard me, folks. Get ready from another copy-pasted quiz that I got from somebody else’s blog!

Do you love life?
Certain aspects of it...

How many hours of sleep do you get per night?
Depends... usually about nine.

Can you draw?
Anybody can draw! Some people just can’t draw WELL... like me.

What’s the creepiest thing that has ever happened to you?
Thinking I was being followed this one day... RUN-ON SENTENCE TIME! was getting dark, I was walking home and I kept making random turns through the neighborhood to get this guy off my trail, but he kept following me and I was like WHOA, GO AWAY so when I got close to my house I started running and he did too, but then I went inside and locked all the doors and looked out the front window and he just kept walking down the road, so I guess it was a coincidence.

What does your room look like?
Blue wall. Green lantern. Mishmash of colored pillows. Polka-dot bedspread. Two bulletin boards cluttered with cards/photos/tickets/drawings/whatever. Whiteboard. Bookshelf, whose top is often used as a lounge area for my cat or a seat for me. Shelves of junk. Drawers of junk. A desk cluttered with junk. Horrible screechy metal doors that open into a closet. Bamboo wall stickers. Beige carpet. Mirror. Teal hanging organizer tube thing.

How long is your hair?
About this long.

Have you ever traveled abroad?
Proud to be able to say YES!!

Which do you prefer: boiling hot or freezing cold?
If we’re talking about tea, I’ll take boiling hot. I’m guessing this is about weather/temperature though, so my respuesta finale is freezing cold.

What font do you like to type in?
I don’t know. Helvetica?

Have you ever cut yourself?
Falling off a bike, being careless while chopping vegetables, pricking a finger with a needle while sewing, pressing too hard while shaving, tripping and scraping a knee, yes, I have cut myself.
I think if this quiz was looking for juicy emo secrets, it should have been phrased as “Have you ever cut yourself on purpose?”

Have any of your family members died?

What are all the pets you’ve had in your life?
First pet was a goldfish, whose name began with a D but I forget it now. My sister had one named Ditto. They died.
Second pet was a hamster named Zoom, and another (my sister’s) named Slyvester. They died, a terrible tragedy.
Now we have a cat, Lewis, and a dog, Jack. They are not dead.

What is your favorite song?
It’s always changing, but stays within one album: One Cell in The Sea by a Fine Frenzy. Right now it’s between “Last of Days” and “Minnow and the Trout.”

Who was your first crush?
Peter Pan. The animated one. Not kidding.

Is he/she still your crush?
No. I have MOVED ON, Petey-boy.

Who do you like now?
What if I had answered yes to the last question? Then this question would be a repeat. :o

Who is your best friend?
I have a lot of best friends!! I don’t think anybody really has just one...

What do you usually take for lunch?
I take an apple and carrot sticks just about every day, then I usually grab Craisins, almonds (if we have any), or a granola bar. These days I’ve been taking Gatorade too, to ‘fuel up’ for cross-country. (Or maybe I just like the taste.)

What do you give your friends as gifts for their birthdays?
Impossible question!! It depends on the person!!

Do you floss?
Do you breathe? Yes, I floss.

Do you prefer a big group or small cluster of friends?
Big group!

What smiley faces do you use the most? (ex. :) :/ XD)
The normal one. :) Sometimes :D too, but that’s reserved for when I’m REALLY happy. Plus :( when I’m sad, and :’( when I’m REALLY sad.

Are you outdoorsy or indoorsy?
I guess outdoorsy. Because after school, I run cross-country in the outdoors, then do my homework in the backyard (outdoors) and eat dinner and sleep. And spare time is usually spent on my bike--in the outdoors, and I do love camping and hiking, which my family does at every opportunity. Then again, I like to spend time in my room with my cat and a book/my scrapbooking stuff/the newspaper/modeling clay/my sketchbook/my journal when I’m feeling lazy. But I do that stuff out in my little spot in the backyard a lot too. :/ I don’t know!

Are you a jock, emo, prep, nerd, or artsy type?
I thought there were more labels than that...? Well anyways, I am not an emo or prep for sure. I don’t know if I’m a nerd or not. I have friends, but they might be nerds too through someone else’s eyes. I can’t really tell. I’m not exactly a jock, I play softball and run cross-country but not super-duper well. And I’ve never quite been sure what defines an artsy type. I can’t draw or paint, so I’m pretty sure I’m not. What does that leave? I guess I’m in the Miscellaneous file. No one label can define me.
When you think about it, that’s true for everybody.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
I’ve heard this one before. I never get this question. I think I would probably get to the wax factory and ask for a deep maroon or a bright green, and they would tell me they ran out of colored wax and use plain wax instead. Other crayons in my box would bear wrappers with “Tickle-Me Pink” and “Goldenrod” printer on them, and I would be sitting there, brand-new for eternity, because no kid ever took any interest in the crayon labeled “Plain.”

Do you have a secret admirer?
How would I know if they were secret?

What is the most important thing in the world to you?
My cat, my family, my blog.

What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?
Going to Europe last summer was without a doubt the most wonderful thing that has ever happened and will ever happen to me in my lifetime.

Can you sing?
See “Can you draw?”

Which celebrity do you admire the most?
Einstein. He was a genius.

Are you a good kisser?
You’d have to ask my cat.

Are you usually early or late?
Uhhhh. Both. I guess I’m usually early for appointments and what-all, but sometimes late for parties and meet-you-at-the-mall-at-noon type things.