Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fan of Pandas

So this morning I had to get up WAY too early to go to a cross-country meet at Westmoor. It was all the way in Daly, which meant an hour's drive. I had to get up at EIGHT. I repeat, WAY too early for a Saturday.
Not really. I actually haven't been sleeping in so much anymore, partly due to the fact that I want to get up early enough to get at least a forty minutes' run in before the sun comes out. This won't be a problem come winter. I wish it were winter right now. Cold air slips easily in and out of your lungs. The outdoors aren't so sticky and uncomfortable in winter, and as long as you've got a thick jacket you can enjoy crisp air on your face without worrying about sweat or sunburn or freckling. Plus, with winter comes rain. i<3rain. style="font-style: italic;">sharks to buy and kill and eat. Nothing was all packaged up like it is at Safeway. The squids and dead fish were piled up on beds of ice, oysters laid in tubs of water that you scooped out with a strainer, and the live fish were crammed into tanks with no room to swim around, just fins and tails wiggling, the piscine equivalent of jogging in place. Only the sharks had any room to move around. It smelled like lobsters and crayfish and fish and squid and and dead cow and dead quail all intermingling into one big cornucopia of nauseating scents. I scurried over to the nicer-smelling bakery area after a few minutes of holding my breath. They had adorable little butter cookies that were shaped like pandas:
which we got for my sister, fan of pandas. She hasn't eaten any yet because they're too cute. I don't blame her; I wouldn't want to demolish the cuties with my teeth either.
We went out to lunch, and I got a salad because I wasn't very hungry. Irony ensues. The salad was two feet wide and three inches deep, a monstrous dish that could feed fifty people. After eating for a couple of years, I had barely made a dent in the thing.
After such a fun day, I came home to homework. Blah. The rest of the day was pretty blah-y, so not much else to say. Plus I should sleep anyway because I have a 10k tomorrow morning and I should have gone to sleep a long, long time ago...

( a galaxy far, far away...)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Considerella went to the ball.

Got measured for the back brace the other day.

Yuck. Yuck, yuck.

Lots of pokey-proddy-feely-pinchiness from a doctor who smelled of hair gel and cheese. He put me in this tight cotton jumpsuit thingie and scanned me from a zillion different angles, and whah-la, a 3-D image of my torso started rotating on the computer screen. The horrible plastic spine-straightener is being fabricated as I type.

Got my new cross-country uniform after practice today.

Yuck. Yuck, yuck.

Not only is it Spandex, it’s about fifty-four sizes too small. And I have to run in that thing!!

The past few days haven’t been all bad, though: I shaved a few seconds off of my previous time at the meet last Saturday, had some time to ride my bike over the weekend, went to Wal-Mart and bought pajama shorts for three dollars, and took a nap on a school day.

This is a first. After a disgustingly intense cross-country practice that ran late, I headed upstairs to get my homework done before it got too late. My bed, though, was radiating some serious comfort rays, and I decided to crawl up onto it and sit for just a few minutes, deciding my brain would work better if my achy legs were rested. It being a bed, though, I was obligated to lie down. Once I had my head on the pillow, the cat rose from the bookcase, padded across the room, hopped up onto the bed, and curled up on my stomach. No way could I get up with an adorable fuzzy feline snuggled right there, so I kind of accidentally conked out. When I woke up almost two hours later, I thought for a few minutes that it was morning. But then I remembered... cross-country-bed-cat-homework-ohcraphomework and sprang up to get it started. I’ve never actually slept like that in the middle of the day on a school day. I slipped into unconsciousness for a few short minutes during the Broncothon last year, but that hardly counts. I felt wonderfully reenergized afterwards and powered through my homework.

I could not get to sleep that night.

Homecoming dance and game is next week. Dances are the bane of high school to me, but everybody else seems to enjoy them and the mild ripples of drama that go along with them. EXAMPLE: He was gonna she was gonna ask him out he said yes she said no they told me he said she said she turned him down for him but he asked her so she asked him and he said no and I said yes so now I’m going with David, can you believe it???

*sigh* Freshmen. (MEANT SARCASTICALLY BECAUSE I think it’s hilarious when sophomores, who were freshmen a single year ago, sigh and shake their heads and go, “oh, those freshmen.”)


The world is still spinning

The sky is still blue

My life will continue

But I’ll keep missing you

Still missing people, especially one. Why do I keep wanting to see them when I know it’s impossible? Somebody once said something about elusiveness; knowing you can’t have it makes you want it.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Here comes the first flash of May

Today was my first cross-country meet. It was very un-intense: three miles with only mild hills. The freshman girls ran first, at nine o'clock. It's so much easier to run in the mornings than at three/four o'clock in the afternoon in August/September. That doesn't mean I did any better than I expected: I was in the middle of the pack, exactly average.
It was a nice change from my usual Saturday morning, though: rolling out of bed, lacing my running shoes, munching a piece of toast, going out to run, and then either riding my bike to my grandma's house, starting my homework, vacuuming the house, or getting a load of laundry going and crawling back into bed with a book.
Which is pretty much how I've spent every single Saturday morning since school began. How many weeks ago now? Four?
This first stretch of school usually drags onnnnnnnn and onnnnnnnnn, but this year the days are whipping by like that. *snaps fingers* High school is good, but I miss certain people. Some people went to other schools or moved away, (actually only two people moved away) but some people I just don't have any classes with, and it's so impossibly crowded that it's hard to find people at lunch.
Yesterday was 9/11. I never really knew what the big deal was about 9/11 before. I thought a plane had accidentally crashed into a building, which I knew was very, very bad, but why all the "AMERICA SHALT NEVER FORGET THEE DAY" patriotismness? Disasters happen all the time.
But then we watched a documentary about it in World Cultures. It was a TERRORIST ATTACK, and people DIED. There were people on fire and people stuck on top of the building, and it was so horrible horrible horrible that they jumped off and pummeled SMACK into the ground because they were scared and confused and would rather be dead than suffer this sudden and unexpected hell. Another plane rammed into another building, people fled, wild-eyed and breathing raggedly as a tower collapsed behind them.
It's one thing when you see stuff like that in a movie. I'm one of those people who have trouble buying into special effects
this was real
and it happened in our country
when I was alive, not a thousand years ago.
I felt really deflated for a while.

iwilln e v e r f o r g e t

Then I came home after cross-country and went online, and GUESS WHAT.
A Fine Frenzy has a new album, Bomb in a Birdcage. Now, I have never been one to freak out over some new album but adnjfnjdahgufgbfbfudaifd;uhfg this is amaaaazing, I didn't even know she was going to have another album.
Unfortunately this one isn't half as good as her first, One Cell in the Sea. Not a quarter as good as her first. In fact, I don't think I'll even buy the entire album. The style of music has turned around, and even her familiar voice sounds different in most of the songs. "Elements" though... that's a good song.
It's hard to love it as much as the first, but I will carefully cultivate myself and allow it to grow onto me until there is a place in my heart for it, right next to One Cell in the Sea.
In other news, I wrote four poems last night, after a long era of not writing any at all. One of them was about missing people, because lately I've been thinking about all the people I'll never see again. the little old lady-the lonely girl-the cute lovable one-the inspiring artist-my first follower-the off beat kentuckian~~ Some people have it a lot worse, though. They move somewhere new, and then every single person in their lives, aside from family, are just cut right out. I guess when so many people are lost like that, you only remember the ones who were close to you, and the thespians just sort of drift to the fuzzy edge of your memory.
Most of those people I knew for a long, long time. Two of them I knew for less than three weeks. But I don't want to forget any of them evereverever.

Sorry this post was a big string of mood swings. Parts of it was written other days, and I just patched it all into one post here.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

...for only $4.99/month!

I just bought some more music on iTunes. I also went to the mall today and bought two shirts. After the mall, my mom and I went to the downtown Tapestry and Talent and I bought a bag of cashews at a convenience store on the way.
So I'm just on a spendin' spree today. Whoo!
Thanks to cross-country, I now know how to get to a dog park on foot. And NO WE DON'T RUN IN CIRCLES AROUND A DOG PARK. There's a trail thing behind it that we run on. But anyway, that's where I'm going for tomorrow's morning run. I'm gonna bring the dog and have him socialize for a while, then run home. Yay. I don't run with my dog often because the thing is kind of a hassle, but we'll make an exception tomorrow WON'T WE POOKYBUTT??? (He just walked in. He must have known I was talking about him.)
I was taking pictures today with my old camera, the one with the lens that doesn't close all the way and the weird internal disfunction that makes it slightly blur some shots, and realized that the camera was junk. But it's not like I really need a new one, I'm not really so much in the habit of taking pictures.
My phone is on the fritz, too: it refuses to send a text, so I try to send it a billion times and it keeps not working. Then it sends all one billion of the texts and I'm like agahfbdsafdjkfvj
but that's okay, I still love it, we're best friends for life.
Uhhhm not much else to say. School's fine, cross-country's aweshum, life is good. I just remembered that we have cranberry juice, so I'm gonna go drink some now.