Monday, August 17, 2009

It's the first day of school.

Urgh. You know what that means, though? That means this blog has been here for almost a year. I guess I'll have some sort of blog-party when we hit the anniversary.
Yesterday, I tried to stay active all day so that I would be tired at night and fall asleep right away and get the maximum amount of sleep-minutes possible so I wouldn't be late on THE FIRST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL. I went for a run in the morning, then bike-rode most of the day, walked my dog in the afternoon, played basketball with my sister, looked for my classes at the high school, and ellipticalled while watching Chopped until it was dinnertime.
Yeah, I was tired. And I ate two Canada mints. Oops.
Cross-country starts today after school. I don't know how much we're going to have to run. Hopefully not too much because I'm really tired right now.
Probably just sleepiness. Waking up a six/six-thirty has yet to become part of my morning routine. My alarm woke me up at six, and I managed to roll out of bed and crawl into the bathroom half an hour later, but now I'm all sleepy, have extra time on my hands, and wish I'd gotten more rest while I could.
I still haven't picked out my first-day-of-school outfit, which I should probably do now, seeing as I'm in my pajamas and have to leave in ten minutes.
Gotta go.
First day of school: I was a clueless freshman among clueless freshmen. My cousins and sister, who had walked with me to school, dissipated immediately into the crowd, locating friends within seconds of arriving.
I was jostled and bumped through a hallway leading to the quad, where I sprang down into the grassy oasis at once. The concentration of students was lesser here, and I caught my breath as I pulled out my schedule. From the central point of the school I could see just how intimidatingly crowded it was here. Students bustled past each other in groups, hundreds of bodies in constant motion. It was a relief to locate some friends so we could dive back into the crowd together and make our way to our first class.
My teachers seem pretty nice, mostly. And I have friends in all my classes.
Lunch was crazy. My friends and I walked around in hopeless circles looking for a place to eat that wasn't already occupied by a scary clot of seniors or a huddled circle of freshmen. When we finally sat down on a brick wall-thing, we were informed that it was the "senior wall" and that we as freshmen were not safe in their territory.
Whatever. We stayed there. Nobody stabbed us or shoved our heads in toilets, so it was okay.
In sixth period I sit behind a guy who went to Juvenile Hall for five days for getting high at school and attended San Jose Community last year.
I feel scared.
Cross-country after school was pretty horrible. It was hot and muggy, the conditions that are the opposite end of the spectrum of perfect for running.
The good thing about the first day of school is that there's no homework, so I have time to blog and shower before dinner.
It was a pretty good start to a school year. We'll just see how all this goes.

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