Monday, August 10, 2009


So. Footsteps has a new look, temporarily. I'm looking for one that incorporates footsteps into the design, and coming up with nothing. This one is cute and I'll keep it for now, but the only problem is that it covers up the poll and chatbox.
I stopped typing for a minute and heard crickets chirping in the backyard. It's nice to listen to, but reminds me that I should have gone to bed over two hours ago. I just want to do a quick post before going to sleep. (a.k.a. laying on my bed staring up at the ceiling, rolling over and staring at the wall, rolling and staring at the other wall, and so on.) It was pretty hot today. I worked in my mom's classroom, which is just about all I've been doing the last few days. But today I left early: about two o'clock. Since my grandma's house is on the way home from the elementary school, I popped in to say hi and steal a slice of her cantaloupe.
I love cantaloupe. And fruit from the market always tastes ten times better than the Safeway kind.
When I got home I was too hot to go for a bike ride, so I rode the stationary bike instead so I wouldn't feel fat and lazy. The big highlight of the day was filling up a kiddie pool and splashing around for about half an hour. I didn't think I'd do anything else for the rest of the day, so I just hopped in with what I was wearing: shorts and T-shirt. But then my mom came home and said we had to go to OfficeMax, Kohl's, and the dollar store. (I wish I got some form of payment for mentioning company names. It's like free advertising for them. Because sooooooo many gobs of people read this blog.) Anyway, then I had to dry off and change and throw my wet hair into a beret thing so nobody would see its wetness in about four minutes. We bought nine notebooks at OfficeMax for nine cents. I bought wall stickers that look like bamboo at the dollar store for one dollar. They're pretty awesome. I made it look like they were sprouting from my bed and had them shoot up next to my bulletin board.
Going to Kohl's reminded me that I'm running out of time to buy school clothes. I don't do that thing where every year, you purchase an entire new set of clothing, but I'm still wearing clothes that I bought in sixth grade. Some things have holes worn into them. I do not have any jeans that fit, no exceptions. So I kind of need to buy at least one pair of jeans and some shirts that don't have holes in them. I did buy a shirt the other day, which I am proud of. That's at least one. Since I don't own anything from Kohl's I didn't trust the store (yeah, paranoid) and plus, I only had five bucks with me.
Tomorrow I go work at my mom's again, then have a doctor's appointment. Afterwards I need to do my laundry and go to the drugstore to buy toothpaste.
I live a thrilling life.

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