Thursday, August 13, 2009


(just kidding.)

WOW I blogged yesterday and I forgot to even mention that we went to the dog beach the other day. My dog, Jack, whimpered the whole way there because the only time he rides in the car is when we’re putting him in the kennel. I kept telling him that no, we weren’t going to the kennel and that we were going to the beach, and I explained in great detail the joys of splashing around in the ocean and how much sand there was for him to run across, and how there would be other dogs to play with and to please just shut up and I’ll give you a MilkBone.
Not really. I am not so cruel. The poor mutt can’t help it if he doesn’t understand English.
The whimpers stopped abruptly once we got out of the car, though. He was like “HEY WHAT WE’RE GOING FOR A WALK? WELL WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST SAY SO?” It was a short walk to get to the dog beach: about twenty minutes. We were about to set up camp near a big bouldery thing. Then we noticed the dead seal rotting away under the boulder.
Yeah. We decided to move elsewhere. The beach was really un-crowded: I guess people don’t want to look after their dogs while they play volleyball/swim/wade/dig/lounge about. The spacious stretch of sand invited us to let Jack loose and hurl a tennis ball as far as we could and follow close on Jack’s heels running after it. That got tiring after less than a half hour. We engaged in a not-as-draining game of volleyball, then meandered down to the ocean.
At first we just let the water splash up around our ankles, laughing at Jack chasing the tide with the few other dogs that were on the beach. Soon we’d wandered deep enough into the water that our knees were almost submerged and the splash of the tides cast salty droplets onto our shorts. I ran back up to our little camp thing and took off my soaked shorts and slightly wet T-shirt. Ta-dah, I had my bathing suit on underneath, and I dashed back down to the water. I wasted no time, not slowing my pace until I was waist-deep. The waves pushed me backwards, I pushed forward. Soon I was bobbing a little, mostly underwater except my head and shoulders. Seaweed danced between my knees and clung to my legs, salty spray brushed my face. I was feeling very much at ease, even when a particularly large wave knocked me off balance for a brief second. Then a particularly larger wave started building up, and I tried to back up a little bit but couldn’t get very far being half underwater like that. It was a very weird feeling when the wave was right up in my face, curling over me. I wanted to freeze time, even for just a second, and enjoy the sensation of being embraced by ocean water.
Time didn’t freeze. The water crashed down a split second after I realized it was so close, and I got knocked down and spun in a frantic loop. There was the initial shock of being taken under so forcefully, and the panic of not being in control of my body, but I knew I was very close to shore, and the direction of the wave was only taking me closer. I was safe, so I decided to just let the wave exhaust itself. Surging forward, I felt sand beneath me and scrambled to stand up. Once my head was out of the water, a tangled mass of wet, sandy hair fell like a thick curtain across my vision. I didn’t have time to stabilize myself before the rushing water made me lose my balance again. I fell on my butt, found myself in about two feet of tidewater, and sat there. I started laughing a little bit because now that it was over, it seemed kind of fun and I found myself wanting it to happen again. Actually, I’m pretty sure a brain cell in the back of my mind was screaming as I tumbled through the water, “I can’t wait to blog about this!
The only thing was that now my head was wet and sandy. I brushed a couple stray pieces of seaweed off my arms and legs as I assured my dad that yes, I was okay, no, nothing got scraped, and did he happen to have a brush on him?
I got cleaned up (i.e. brushed my hair) with the help of my sister. After about fifteen minutes of yanking at my soggy mass of hair, it flattened into its regular, straight self again. I rinsed it off in a shower thingie, then went splooshing into the ocean once again. This time I didn’t go more than waist deep, though. I’m not completely crazy.
On a more boring note, I got my X-rays today. Turns out the large irregular curving lump on my back means I have a pretty wacky spine. I looked at the X-rays and saw a skinny ghost thing that was apparently me, with a line that went straight up my back for a few inches, then veered off to the right and became straight again in time for it to reach my neck.
The guy checked my record stuff and said I didn’t have to worry... yet, and that I should gain weight and keep a healthy diet and put some aloe vera on that sunburn of mine. Did I mention the horrible sunburn I got at the beach? Four applications of sunscreen did nothing to protect me from a blazing California sun. Don’t be surprised if I show up at school completely red from head to toe, with the upper half of my body bending over to the right.

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