Sunday, August 9, 2009


It’s the last week of summer: usually a depressing time, but not this year. I think I’m just about ready to go back to school. Even though it is-- DUN-DUN-DUN --high school. I cleared various craft projects, sketches, and the like off my desk and replaced them with my school planner and some math workbooks to practice in at least once a day. I erased the random to-do’s and lists of movies to watch and books to read off my whiteboard and created a day-by-day planner and a countdown to the first day of school.
I’m not excited, really. I’m just trying to ease myself back into school-mode.
Today was a long, lazy day: I took my dog for a walk in the early morning, then walked to my grandma’s house to walk her dog and go to the local market. After lunch my mom and I biked to Cost Plus, then my cousin’s house to see their new kitty. His name is Emmett, and he’s adorable. He is brown and bronze-striped, like a tiger, kind of. His eyes are a warm golden-brown caramel color that invite you to melt into him. A very pretty cat. They got him at the shelter, and he had already reached the ripe old age of three when he was bought. (Unsure whether that was the correct word.) We entertained him with bits of yarn, then went outside to sway to and fro on their rope swing. They came over to our house, where we cut up magazines and taped pictures onto my bookshelf. Then they went and watched Heroes, and I came online to blog. I’ll have to start dinner soon. I’m going to try a new recipe: chicken and red potato taquitos.
Last night we met up with out family friend, Shelley. She’s fifty but looks abour thirty-two, and she plays the drums in a band called Throwing Roses and lives in an apartment with cashews always in the cupboard and a cat who will bite you if you come too close.
We walked on a trail in Campbell that passed through a park. There was a nice clean-cut all-American looking couple enjoying a picnic on the grass. Amongst the sandwiches and napkins, though, there was a bong. It was unpleasant to see there, because if it hadn’t been there I would have passed them off as a couple people sitting in the park , enjoying the warm afternoon air. But seeing the bong immediately transformed them into horrible dirty people with ugly habits and deteriorating health. Funny how that one object can change a person’s mind. Plus, why did they have it out there on display like that? Nobody wants to see the icky thing. Because then they get icky thoughts about you. And what could have been an innocent picnic is an icky, icky thing.
But you know, it wasn’t so big of a deal as I make it sound. We went to Aqui for dinner. My dad got something with mango salsa on it. I made mango salsa once, and it was delicious, but for some reason I never made it again. I made a mental note and this morning at the market I bought two mangos. I don’t know if taquitos really go with mango salsa, so I’m going to make the salsa tomorrow when we have sesame chicken. Yum yum.
After dinner we went home, and I watched a show about this girl who sews little microchips and speakers and things into clothes. There was one shirt where if you touched your wrists together, it would play recorded sounds. She made a hat that would flash lots of little LED lights when you pressed a button on the lid. It was cool. I would very much enjoy a shirt that made sounds.
Anyway, I have to go make dinner. Try not to choke on a tortoise shell in my absence.

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