Saturday, August 15, 2009

Canada mints!

Cross-country tryouts were yesterday. Warmup-stretches-sprints-laps-more sprints-done. The coach guy (never told us his name) told us to turn in our sports forms and run over the weekend. Today I got up entirely too early (seven o'clock on the dot: compare to my usual ten or eleven wake-up time) and ran for a half hour to get it over with before the clouds parted and the sun could boil my bones. Cross-country goes from three to five. That doesn't leave very much time for homework before eight o'clock beddy-bye time. Maybe I'll have to start going to bed at the ungodly hour of nine!
School starts the day after tomorrow. I should probably have already gotten myself into a school-night sleeping regimen. Oh well. I'll work on that tonight.
Yesterday I walked to the Long's Drugs near my house (now CVS) and got a few luxury purchases: White-Out and Canada mints. Canada mints are like giant Altoids, but not as minty and less expensive. I've only had them once before, loved them, but then couldn't ever find them again. So, I was thrilled to see the 99 cent package for sale. I ate one on the way home and vowed to only eat one every other day. I haven't eaten one today... so far, so good. :D The whole drugstore has been restocked and re-shelved with the aisles all in different arrangements and new signs. It's weird. But cool.
Okay, I left for a while to go for a walk with my dad. Now I'm back, with no more to say.

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