Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Every time

It used to be like, every time something happened, my first thought would be, "I so have to blog about this when I get home." If I ever had some sort of weird thought/idea, I would make a mental note to record it on this blog. My life, my mind, and my blog were bound to each other and functioned as one.
Now, I'm letting my summer roll by without being documented here. It feels weird, as if I'm going to have to catch up on everything at some unspecified later date. Allowing myself to live my life without blogging about it feels crazy and wrong. I think I had become obsessed.
I have not made ANY progress on the Europe journal thingie, thank you very much. Sitting here at the computer copying from handwritten pages onto the "New Post" screen is not the way I want to spend the precious hours of my summer.What I've been up to:
  • Reading. I bike to the library at least once a week to check out a stack of books and return the ones I had checked out previously. I like the atmosphere there. Everybody is quiet, for the most part, and it's air-conditioned. It feels wholesome or something to be spending time at the library. Instead of, say, the mall.
  • Bike rides, all the time, every day, every trail, every neighborhood. I started with familiar trails and neighborhoods, then started fanning out further in all directions from my house, discovering new places to pedal. I like to alternate between coasting along and rocketing down the trail. Going faster is my preference, though. I feel like a beastly demon of speed. Oh yeah.
  • Chores. Not much to be said about this one.
  • Grocery shopping. It's kind of Zen, or something. I can't wait until I'm out of college and living in a little apartment somewhere, planning my meals and cooking for myself. I want to scan the rows of canned soups and pick out whichever ones I feel like eating, compare prices on bags of shredded cheese, make selections of packages of veggies and boxed dinners in the frozen foods aisles, squish and sniff and inspect the fruits and vegetables in the produce section to test for ripeness and freshness. In the meantime, though, I shop off a set list that my mom has sent me along with. It's still very stimulating, though, at least to an easily amused being like me.
  • Practicing softball with my sister. She's on a superstar summer traveling team, so I pitch balls to her, field the balls she hits, and throw the ball back and forth to build up her Arm Muscles of Solid Steel. And to work on my Arm Muscles of Ligaments and Tendons.
Anyway. I'm having a nice summer. I stay active during the daytime (*cough* bike rides) and relax with a book in the evenings. I devour books from after dinnertime (7:00 or so) till about one or two in the morning. I always switch into nocturnal mode during the summer, except instead of sleeping during the day and staying awake at night, I stay awake all day and night. Not all night. You know what I mean.

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