Monday, June 8, 2009

Today the eighth graders practiced for promotion. That means we marched in neat rows up the quad steps, then sat in folding chairs while the principal muttered into a microphone. He held it too close to his lips. I don't know about the rest of them, but all I heard was a bunch of spit ejecting from his mouth. Anyway, that somehow took 'till eleven thirty. I went home and ate a waffle and carrot sticks for lunch. It is so wonderfully sunny today. I just had to go for a bike ride to the lake. But now I'm back, and of course I just have to write a blog entry.
Still amazed that summer's here. Almost. How long will these next three days drag on? I am nine days away from the plane to Europe, ten days away from the hotel in London, our first stop. What I just realized is that Mrs. Goldman, with her broken leg and all, might not be able to go to France! :O She was planning to go on the trip with Blackwood, but if she can't even come to school I doubt that she'll be able to board a plane, you know? I feel bad for her. If my Europe trip were to be snatched away for one reason or another, my heart would shatter. X3 <-- and THAT was supposed to be a broken heart, but came out really retarded. Here, I'll go make a google image search and put a picture on my desktop, and upload it and resize it and hope I don't faint from exhaustion in the process.There you go. A broken heart.
So anyway, I added a chatbox in the sidebar. I tried to make the colors correspond to the background of the blog, but as you can see, they were more off than I'd guessed. At least the thing is green, right? Right? Yeah so, feel free to pop a message in there. I think I put something there yesterday, but I kind of forget what I said. Probably something along the lines of "HEY LOOK i has chat thingie now!!!" Because I am so intelligent.
By the way, I just realized that I put the wrong link for the post "Melancholy phantoms eye our skins" Look up "Rangers" by a Fine Frenzy for the right song. There's actually a multitude of phrases in that song that make no sense. I love it.
I have an eye appointment today. I'm so excited. I'm gonna get new glasses, ones that actually get rid of all the blurry fuzzy stuff that clings to things in my vision. My old glasses don't really work anymore. When I put them on, the blurriness is diminished, but not gone completely. I want to get cool square thick-rimmed ones, with like, red frames or something. They'll make me look smart.
So. I'm going to go do something productive now.


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