Thursday, June 4, 2009

Melancholy phantoms eye our skins

I don't what that means. The title, I mean. It was in this song, which I listen to... often. Very often. I don't particularly like any of those individual words, "melancholy," "phantoms," or anything, but they sound nice all strung together in that order.
Blarg. This would be an appropriate time to get to the point, but un-surprisingly, there isn't one. I could list some countdowns here: Eight more days until the end of school, twelve more days until I board the plane and take off for Europe, nine more posts after this one until I reach the big one-oh-oh. (One hundred.) Promotion dance is on Monday, I think. So, four days. I don't know when the ceremony is, but now I have to wear a medal to it. I was given some sort of eighth grade student achievement-type award yesterday, and now I have to wear it to promotion ceremony. It's blue and yellow. My dress is pink. *cue mighty clash* The entirety of next week is full of non-academics. Us eighth graders dance, practice walking across stages, walk across stages, and go on rides at Great America while the rest of the school takes their finals. I haven't made up my mind whether or not to go to Great America yet. I have to decide before tomorrow morning... when I leave for school... because that's when the money for the trip is due.
Oh yeah. I'm in trouble for not mentioning Billy here on the blog. Hi Billy. Okay, done.
I haven't talked about what is major buzz at school: Mrs. Goldman went to see the Wicked play in San Francisco, and fell down the stairs on her way out. She twisted her leg-bone (pebula?) and snapped it in two places. Ouch. I feel bad for her, but also almost a teensy bit happy that she isn't here. ^-_-^ <-- That's a devil face, by the way. The pointy things are horns. And it's red. Because the devil is red, I think. Anyway, this means that a sub hovers in the corner of the classroom while we do whatever. Today me and a bunchload of other people vandalized Goldman's chalkboard with random doodles and messages, then erased the evidence before the bell rung. I think we should have left it there. It was all rather interesting to look at, in a smudgy chalk dust/misshapen scribbles kind of way.

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