Monday, May 4, 2009


This blog is tough to keep up with. I have to post often, and make the entries cool and funny so nobody gets the boredy-bores while reading it.
I have a reputation now. Well, no. This blog has a reputation now, for being cool and funny. But lately, my entries are not quite cutting it, if that was even the right phrase. That's why I've added the Reactions thing at the bottom of each post. So I know, is this blog really becoming a pathetic, dreary little chunk of cyberspace? Or is it still the cool, fun thing that it used to be?
I think the real problem is lack of things to talk about. I mean, I could say: "We're working on Project Citizen, which is blah blah blah... And we took our science STAR tests last week, and I think I did pretty good, because it was fairly easy and blah blah blah..." But who wants to read that? I actually base my day around events that would be fun to blog about now. Obsessed? Maybe. But sometimes I start to write about things, and then just delete it all because it gets too rambly and yawn-worthy. Is that what writer's block is? I'm not sure. I don't think I have it, because my Great American Novel is going smoothly. I don't know if I mentioned it here, but I'm writing a "book." I wrote a "book" in seventh grade, but it ended up being quite the sucky piece of work. I just plowed through it, not stopping to look back or edit. Kind of like what I do when I blog. Heh.
So now I'm trying again. I hope this one turns out better.
My sister's birthday is in a week. I completely forgot about it until yesterday. My mom was going to the mall anyway, so I went along with her. I didn't know what to get the sis. She likes: her hair, junk food, Paris, television, mascara, softball, the SJ Sharks. I bought her a necklace with an Eiffel tower pendant, a bottle of "smoothing cream" stuff to put in her hair, and a package of strawberry-flavored Oreos. Insanely thoughtful, I know.

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