Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It’s actually never occurred to me that if I don’t have anything to write about, I should simply not blog that day. But then, I’d have to go several days at a time without blogging. You know how I talk about, um, nothing. Maybe I should start making up stories and pretend they really happened. And I won’t tell any of you guys that they’re lies until the next post. Or I could tell two stories: one a true story, the other a made-up one. And I could change the Reactions thing to: Do you think this was True? or False? But I think probably that it would be pretty easy to tell the truthful apart from the fictitious. I’m just sayin’.
School starts in half an hour. I’m all showered, dressed, and fed, and my next step is to blog. It’s become part of my morning routine, actually: take a shower, brush the teeth, wash the face, get dressed, eat breakfast, then go back to my room and start blogging. I have this laptop in my room... it’s really old, doesn’t go on the Internet, and most of the applications don’t work. Pretty much the only thing that works is the Appleworks. (That’s the Mac equivalent of Microsoft Word or Pages... whatever you use.) So, that’s all I use the thing for. Then I jam a USB stick into the side and transport the document to the working computer downstairs, so I can copy/paste it onto the blog. I would just write directly to the blog, but my mom has been yelling at me lately for spending too much time on the computer. I read other people’s blogs, mostly. The parental filters in the computer ban pretty much everything else. Heh.
Okay, now it’s exactly seven o’clock in the afternoon. I never posted this morning because I ran out of things to write and it would have been too short. I went to my sister’s softball game, since I didn’t have anything planned for this afternoon. I had planned to join the Leland softball team, but after watching them, I’m a little scared. They hit the balls WHAM! hard and strong all the way out to the deep stretches of outfield. My hits are usually grounders that get snapped up by the shortstop and tossed to first. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make the team if I’m supposed to hit like that. If I don’t make it, I guess I’ll do track instead. I’m doing cross-country in the fall, so I’ll have the whole year covered.
When we were driving home, we got hit with a really long red light. There was a police car up front in the same lane we were in, with its lights off. After long minutes of waiting, the police car turned on his lights and siren and sped across the intersection. As soon as he got across, he turned them off. That, folks, is what we call serious corruption. Corruption at its peak. The rest of us have to wait, but he fakes an emergency so he can dart across and get where he needs to go, leaving the rest of us coughing on his dust. The gall! Just kidding, I wasn’t mad. Actually, I laughed. Ha! That cocky policeman was a tricky little bugger.
I hope I have time to post this tonight. I’m upstairs again, in mi cuarto. Necesito traer este document abajo la escalera a la computadora grande. I guess I’ll just go do that now, because I’m tired and want to get to bed by seven thirty.
Quizerktan! (Tangklish)

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