Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sex Ed and the 1900s

We had sex ed today. They've given up on their insistence of calling it "family life" and switched to something more wordy: "Draw the Line, Respect the Line." But sex ed is sex ed, and that is that. I thought it was going to be more intense, but all we did was read a handout about some girl who had HIV, and then draw a strange symbol on a piece of paper that was supposed to mean something. I think maybe it represented my life, or future, or decisions, or something all thought-provoking and important like that. But you know, I'm not really sure.
Mrs. Goldman has heaved one huge floppin’ whopper of a final project on us. We have to pick a decade in the 1900s and produce an entire freakin’ magazine with this kind of article and that kind of article and a timeline and advertisements and a bibliography. (Bibliography-hate waves radiate...) I will admit it, when she told us about it it seemed too incredibly fun to be true. But the bulky massiveness of the project has been crushing down on me since two thirty-four this afternoon till eight fifteen in the night, past my bedtime. I wanted to get a head-start on the project, since there’s a big payoff if you turn it in two weeks early: 20% extra credit. I am so going after those precious additional points. Mrs. Goldman definitely has some favorites, and unfortunately I am not one of them. That means I have to work seven times as hard as the lucky ones who will get A’s No Matter What. But I plan to work that two-thirty-till-eight-o’clock hours at (hopefully) lightning pace for the rest of the week and next week in order to get the extra credit. I meant to churn out pages and be halfway done before the sun rises tomorrow, but even with a continuous working pace I only came up with three pages. The printer didn’t cooperate for a while and I had to sweet-talk it into working again while my mom fiddled with plugs and switches underneath the desk, and the Internet crashed for a few minutes, so those might have screwed up my research marathon. But three pages is good enough for me. I bookmarked every site I used into a special folder and kept every source neatly recorded into a bibliography with correct MLA format. I used color and fancy fonts to make it passably attractive. I browsed Google hits for the best possible sites and kept an eye out for ones that focused on the topic I was after. I took time to note authors’ and artists’ works and cited all the pictures. I did not use Wikipedia. I better get an A on this thing.

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Jeni said...

My first "stupid" rating! Yay!
By the way, I have not been blogging because I have no time, and also I'm not allowed to anymore.