Sunday, May 3, 2009


So-o-o. I opened up a “create post” window, but now I find I have nothing to say. Usually I can come up with something or other to kick off the entry, but I’m seriously drawing a blank. Is my life really so uneventful? Is my mind really so idle?
The most exciting thing that has happened to me so far today is that my grandma gave me a miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. It was even wrapped in pink foil for the National Breast Cancer Organization. She got them for half-off at Rite-Aid because they were several months old and the chocolate had bloomed. But if you don’t look at it and just pop it in your mouth, it tastes fine. And that just goes to show how culinarily refined I am. ‘Close your eyes, hold your nose, and shove it into your maw. Swallow before you taste anything and you’re all good!’ I’m not a glut. I’m NOT! I promise.
Another prominent event is, my softball team FINALLY won a game. Not because we had any good hits or excellent plays, though: the other team’s pitcher walked almost every batter, and they didn’t hit much at all. It was kind of a boring game. But hey, we won! That’s a first! Well, actually, a second. We have only won one game before, and again, that was because that team sucked as well. We suck too, but just a little less than they did.
I’m beginning to learn what an excellent thing television is. I work out on the elliptical in our family room, and I used to read to keep myself entertained. But sometimes I would watch T.V. instead. I haven’t ever really liked watching T.V. I don’t like flopping down on the couch and just sitting there gawking at a screen as the precious minutes of my free time tick away. But, if I’m on the elliptical, I don’t feel so guilty because I’m exercising. I even found some particular shows that bring extra pleasure to my being. I figured out that they aren’t all the same. Did you know? Some of them are funny, and some are dramatic, and some are about gardening, others about motorcycles, and some about cooking. Television had always just been television: pictures, words, and sounds on a screen. But there are all these channels now, most of them three letters. Like NBC, or ABC, and FOX, and TBS. I am very entertained by Food Network. People cook, and you watch them. Crazy, crazy stuff. I think T.V. might be a very awesome thing. And whenever I watch it, I elliptical-nate. (Trying to turn it into a verb... fail.) So if I get addicted, I’ll be toned and strong in my leggy muscles. Sheeyah.

Sorry for the short-ish post. I’m not going to have time to post this today, so you’ll probably see it on Sunday.

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