Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello Alyssa!

I figured I should dedicate one of my blog entries to you. Here it is. And the comments thing on your blog still doesn't work!! Ugh!! I'll just e-mail you my comments, I guess. :)
The end of the school year always comes so suddenly. I yearn for summertime all year long, but when it finally comes I start scrambling to preserve the year, wanting to stay in touch with this person and that person, sad to know I might not ever have any more classes with so-and-so. This year, some of my friends aren't even going to the same high school as me next year. I might never see them again. *sob*
Two weeks. Those weeks are going to fly by in a flurry of final exams and special eighth grade/promotion events. In seventh grade, laying in the gym with all the girls from P.E. on the second-to-last day of school, we talked about how fast the past year had gone by. I don't feel the same this year. I think summer has come at just the right time this year. Eighth grade dragged on and on and on. And on. But for some reason, I want the last few carefree days to stretch out a little bit longer. The textbooks are in, there's no more homework, the final testing is over, and there's not much to do but watch videos in class, practice for the promotion ceremony, and spend lunchtime strolling in the early summer sunshine. I can't daydream about those days yet, though: I still have finals in front of me. Rusnak's final is just a simple project, so no worries there. Navarro is bound to be easy. I really don't have to worry about P.E. because I have Morninweg, and since that horrible project was Goldman's final, the only ones left are math and language arts. I don't think language arts will be too tough, though. I'll study that and math, and hope there're no epic failures. (Darn. I just used one of pop culture's gimmicky catchphrases. It was an accident, please forgive me.) Then it's off to Europe. I hope I don't explode from excitement. And theeen I'm gonna take painting or maybe sculpture classes at Cindy's Art Studio, that place by P.W. It'll be either another thing for me to suck at, or a chance to discover a hidden talent. I'm leaning towards the former. Leaning so far that I'm starting to wobble, and then toppling over with a splenderific crash. Yeah. I will probably suck at first. But maybe I'll learn, you know? Hopefully. That's why I'm going in the first place.


Alyssa said...

Jenny! You need the change the "Jeni is just so... " to creative, funny, and awesome
rather than the choices you have now. Because right now I can't click any of them because no of them fit you.

Jeni said...

Well, S-O-M-E-B-O-D-Y thinks I'm stupid...
Meh. I should make at least one of them positive, I guess.