Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Civil War Day

I'm so scared. I have school today. I leave in six minutes. You know what that means? I have to go to Mrs. Goldman's class. You know what that means? I'm going to find out what grade I got on the project. You already read about what will happen if I fail. So I better not. Remember that one time when I said I was going to Europe? Ever since I even heard about the trip, it's been a constant little thought in the back of my mind. Now this project has cast a dark shadow over most of my brain, and most of what I think about is what will happen if I fail the project. Will my parents kick me out? Will I pass eighth grade? Will I faint? I haven't thought about much else since I turned the project in. Maybe this is whatOCD is. My uncle has a mild case of it and could've passed it on to me. I actually had a nightmare, which felt very real. Mrs. Goldman just handed me the project inside a big binder as I walked into the classroom. I got to my desk, opened the binder, and found agradesheet inside. Guess what the grade was. An F. I thought it was real when it happened, so now I'm a teensy bit scared. What if it was a omen of some sort?
- - - -
Okay... it's after school now. And the verdict? Still unknown. We didn't even have social studies class, because it was Civil War Day. I didn't know that until second period, when una amiga informed me of the event. It hadn't been mentioned in any of our classes previously. So I'll know tomorrow whether I passed or failed. I guess I could talk about Civil War Day, then. It was kind of fun, which was unexpected. We sat around on the lawn on the far east of the school and listened to people dressed all funny talk about weapons and uniforms and cans of tomatoes. (I had brisket chili [whatever brisket is] with canned tomatoes in it once. It was good chili, but I left the squishy tomatoes at the bottom of the bowl. I was not about to place those squishy gloppy things in my mouth.) It was a sunny, sunny day today. Blinding. Burning. It felt so good after those long, cold months of extra winter when it was supposed to be spring. We've had erratic weather lately: hot for two days, then cold, hot again, rainy one day, cold for a few days, then warm, and so on. I hope the heat is here to stay this time. Warmth is nice. Humidity... not so much. That's the only thing wrong with California summers: too sticky. I actually prefer the silver-slick cool air of winter, even if it means sharp, cold temperatures. Hot and dry is perfect, like Arizona. Except Arizona was maybe just a little bit too hot. Maybe just kind of a way too much burning, scalding hot. Anyway, the big finale was a fake general shooting an unloaded gun. It was cool. Some people screamed. Somebody screamed too early.


Alyssa said...

aw, how did you do?

Jeni said...

She hasn't graded it yet!
*sweat sweat sweat*

(And P.S. I do read your blog but for some reason it won't let me post comments...)