Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Summery Scientific Typos get CHOPPED!

Thick, muggy air filled my throat as soon as I left the air-conditioned comfort of my sixth-period classroom. It was hot, like really... hot. I looped around the back of the school, past the pool... to notice that the gate leading to the pool deck had been left open. Nobody was around back here. I could have run through and leapt into the cool relief of cold chlorine-y water. I could have. I would have, but luckily I do have some amount of self-restrain. It was tempting, though. They should know better than to leave that gate open.
I really should be building my lightbulb right now. Have I mentioned this whole thing? I have to build a lightbulb, for my class of the studies of physical forces. I Googled it, and fortunately there were a whole bunch of webpages explaining how. But still. It's hard. You need lots of wood, and also copper. There's a row of batteries with a spring on the end, then two wires that lead to a switch. Making the switch has been really confusing. Oh well. Speaking of science, I'm starting to regret the choice I made for next year's class. I could take either biology or conceptual physics. I chose conceptual physics. But now I think maybe I should have taken biology. I hadn't really thought about it until the night to mark your class choices came along. I hadn't even known that you could choose which science to take. Biology? Conceptual physics? Biology? AAaaaaAAAaaAahHhhH! The pressure got to me, and I had to just mark something down before I deteriorated into a puddle of nervous goo. So, conceptual physics it was.
Spring is here, finally. It is hot. There are flowers and bumblebees. There is sun. (Hello, skin cancer.) It actually feels more summery than springy. Hey! Spellchecker didn't catch "summery," so I looked it up. Summery is a real word. Dictionary.com says it means: of, like, or appropriate for summer. That makes sense. (I typed "sens" instead of "sense" by accident, which spellchecker also didn't catch, so looked it up... it said it was a street name for marijuana. Oops.) My poor pathetic little life. I have nothing real going on to talk about, so I broadcast my typos across the Internet.
I watched this show called Chopped Saturday night. Interesting show. They give four contestants these random ingredients (for example: peanut butter, bell peppers, ground beef, peaches, wheat bread) and they have to make a dish out of it in thirty minutes. It would be fun to make one of those-- like, one person is the judge and picks the ingredients, four others are contestants, and then another person films it all. But, I don't have access to a place with four kitchens right next to one another, so that's that.
And now I really, really should work on that lightbulb of mine. Gotta go.

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