Thursday, April 9, 2009


My dad installed a filter into our computer. Now I can't go on YouTube or Twitter. Not that I ever used my Twitter, but still. I'm on my mom's laptop right now, so I have been soaking up as much YouTube as possible.
I came across two very terrible songs as I was browsing music videos. One was, initially, a terrible screamo headbanger mess. It made my head hurt the first time I played the video. So... wanna listen?? Anyway, I actually replayed te video a second time, and amazingly, started to enjoy the rugged screams and shrieking guitars. I was shocked with myself at first. This song was obviously rubbish, but here I was allowing myself to enjoy it. Actually, I think that's pretty hardcore of me, huh? I WAS A CREATURE BEFORE I COULD STAND!! Yeah. I think I could get into that. Then there was this one. I don't really know what "genre" that one is considered, but it was, yeah. Bad. Her voice is squealy and made my eardrums flinch. I won't allow myself to listen to it again, because I refuse to let it start appealing to me. I'm listening to Slipknot again as we speak. As we type. As I type. Augh.
I should probably post a good song, while I'm at it. I'm pretty sure none of my readers will enjoy either of those songs. This band/singer, The Script, is currently considered "indie," but I've heard one of his songs on the radio. This one is catchy, and if you listen, in the beginning he says my name! I'm a poor girl living in a rich world. Sheeyah. His other songs are okay, but the "We Cry" one is the best. Look around for the second-best, Breakeven, I'm too lazy to put the link.
Guess what? Remember our moldy floor? Well, those person-mauling, Jeni-terrorizing machines sucked it all away. But now we have to strip out all the upstairs carpet, all of it, as in, ALL of it. That means I have to pack away all my gobs of stuff, heave it all downstairs, and live in the family room. My parents, I don't even know what they're going to do. Maybe I'll have to go in the kitchen, and they take the family room. Or maybe I'll have to move in with my sister, in the dining room. I should probably be packing right now, but I have been literally all day and am sick of it.
I have a new project that I plan to get started on when I get back from Arizona. (Ellipsis...) A music video! Huzzah! Whoever you are, you probably scoff at Aly and Aj. I am one of the few people in this world who fits these two requirements: a) is over the age of eight years old and b) likes Aly and Aj. I think people just hate them because they're Disney. Yes, they're Disney. So what? The video will be set to this song. It will consist of me pulling crazy tricks in my spy outfit, me being still and creepy in my gothic/vampire get-go, me in my seventh-grade witch costume minus the hat preforming a worship-sacrifice-ritual dance, various shots of the moon, a closeup of an eye, and a clip of something burning. All this will be chopped and minced so the whole thing is intense and fervid and a little bit freaky. Cool, huh? Huh? It'll be a weekend project. It probably won't be done anytime soon.
Tomorrow I'll be off to Arizona, so this is the last post for seven days. Actually, probably eight days. I'm going bowling for Judy's little brother's birthday party on Sunday, which will probably take all day. I love her brother. He is so cute.

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