Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Purple Speck

I wonder when the day will come that I will simply run out of things to say. Some posts are kind of like, fillers between the ones that actually talk about actual events. There’s only so much rambling that can come out of one’s mouth, you know? Well actually, one’s fingers, if that one happens to be typing. As I am. I feel really guilty if I go more than a day or two without blogging. It starts calling to me, weeping and begging me to come back and fill its being with more writing. I always take pity, but the result is usually a “just-barely post,” full of words and sentences but no actual substance. If you get what I’m saying. Which you probably don’t, but that’s just because I’m too complex for you. Anyway. I have a strong feeling that this post is going to be... just barely.
See how much I’ve written already? And the only thing it’s talking about is how I ramble about nothing so often. I’ve managed to ramble about that as well. Ramble ramble ramble. You know what I just realized? That’s a pretty word. Ramble. I should keep a list of my favorite words. So far that would be: ramble, because, attractive, awkward, and majestic. “Ramble” and “majestic” are the because-they-sound-nice words. “Attractive,” “awkward,” and “because” are the because-I-use-them-a-lot words. Attractive is actually an attractive word in itself. Go on, say it. Didn’t that sound nice? It even looks pretty on the screen, don’t you think? I guess that’s probably my favorite word, then. It bats for both teams: I use it a lot, and it sounds nice.
Speaking of batting... and teams. I thought I had a softball game today. I thought I was going to be late for this softball game. I thought this nonexistent softball game was at five, and I was throwing on my uniform at 5:10. So I grab my bag, don’t bother to tie my cleats, and sprint over to the field at the high school. And when I get there: Screeeech. I play for the Purple Nightmare Penguins, our team color is purple. (Side note: Duh.) One team on the field wore green jerseys, the other sported yellow. I was a purple speck amongst hordes of green and yellow. Then I remembered, hey wait, today’s Tuesday, the game’s on Wednesday. Whoopsie-daisies. I fake a phone call on my cell and talk loud enough for people to hear: “Hey, I think my game is at another field... no, it’s at five-thirty, we have time... okay, bye.” Does that sound convincing to you? I hope. Some of the fans on the bleachers were glancing at me sideways and wondering what this purple mess was doing at their green-and-yellow game. That’s an excellent display of my scatterbrainedness, if that word even exists. I guess I could just say “stupidity.”
We have block scheduling right now. It kind of sucks. The periods are twice as long, which makes the day drag on and on... especially when you’re spending those two hours with certain teachers, and I ain’t namin’ names here. Plus, I always get mixed up. Today I had fourth period after lunch, and I kept thinking that after this, I was going to go to lunch. But no, afterwards I headed straight home. It’s weird. It’s confusing. I don’t like it for some of the same reasons why I don’t like Backwards Day: I like things to be in order. Having the classes all switched up is not my cup of steaming-hot chamomile tea. Speaking of having things in disorder: The mold squad has torn away half of the upstairs carpet and padding, leaving bare floorboards in their wake. They took out the vanity in the bathroom and hacked away at the plumbing. We’re repainting, re-trimming, re-doing it all. It’s going to take months, they say. I should photograph the damage, and show you the guest room I’m living in now. I don’t even have a bed. Some of my stuff is packed away in boxes, other stuff is heaped in piles around my makeshift room. I hope I don’t go insane, even though I think I’m kind of getting there.

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