Monday, April 27, 2009


Wow. I have not posted since Thursday. Two whole days without blogging? How have I managed to survive?
I haven't actually been that busy, either. Well, there was some stuff going on. Like a softball game on Friday, at the PAL stadium. It started at eight o'clock pm, which is when I usually go to bed, and ended at nine thirty, which is when I am usually snoring away. The sky was all dark, with the lights blaring down on the field. I felt like a real professional, you know? And the lights that surround the field made the ball cast weird shadows... like, if it was rolling on the ground you could see six different shadows all around it. It reminded me of those weird water-skeeter things. I forgot to bring a jacket, and since it was nighttime, it was really, really, really freezing cold. There was body heat in the dugout, but out on the field I felt like an abandoned stone gargoyle. I actually didn't feel like a gargoyle at all, I just wanted to use that word. I learned what a gargoyle was just recently. They're cute. But anyway, yeah. It was cold. And about halfway through the game, I was playing second when-gasp!-something strange happened! Involuntary shudders were shaking my body. It was weird. I tried to stop, but I couldn't. It was kind of freaky. I guess I was just shivering, but to the ninth degree. I clamped my teeth together, and for some reason, that helped. In the end, we got our shivering booties kicked to Nigeria. They won by twelve runs. I don't think anybody cared, though-- we all ran to our mommies, who waited with thick blankets and jackets, plus cars with the heaters on full blast.
Saturday morning, the family held a garage sale. My sister and I hauled all of our old junk out onto the driveway and hoped somebody would come along and buy it. Several somebodies came buy, and in the end I made almost thirty bucks, which will go towards the Europe fund. And on Sunday I did chores and homework, whee. Anyway, I have to go to school soon, so I better go make a lunch and whatever.
Do widzenia! (Polish)

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