Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Sorry guys, sorry sorry sorry.
I am really not doing a good job of updating my blog. I wish I had time to treat my readers with daily posts, but frankly, I don't.
Remember that really good book I was reading? Yeah, well. I finished it. Then I read the sequel. Now I'm about to read the "threequel." (Cute, huh? I should get that copyrighted.) Anyway, I should probably have started to read classic literature by now. Charles Dickens, Jane Austin, and so on. But honestly, these Traveling Pants books are so much more fun.
Maybe it's time to do a little advertising. I have been keeping up-to-date with this awesome cooking blog: Workout then Cook. I've been thinking about posting the stuff that I cook up on my blog here. If you're not interested... TOO BAD. I made cranberry lemon muffins the other day for dessert. I forget the recipe, but here's a picture:Basically, I took a standard recipe for muffins, then added lemon juice and a handful of Craisins. They tasted like lemony muffins with Craisins. Who would've thought.
Also, I have some happy news. For the first time in my life since sixth grade, I earned an A in math class! In the beginning of the year of seventh grade, I had an A+, but that was only for a few months before my math skills declined at a steep and dangerous rate. I've been hovering at B and B+ ever since, but finally, finally, here is a ripe, golden A.
You know what, folks, this is why I don't blog anymore. After typing that last tidbit of news, I sat here for at least twenty-six decades trying to think of something else to say. I got nothing, guys, nuttin'. I need to take myself on an adventure just so that I can have something to talk about here.
Since I am unable to entertain you, here is a funny clip that certainly will.

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