Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jelly Belly Factory

We finally went. My dearest father took Friday off, and we drove all the way up to Fairfield to visit the Jelly Belly factory.

Yeah. That's me in front of the sign.

...and in front of the big fat inflatable guy, doing a stupid pose because my dad couldn't get his camera to work and I was sick of just standing there grinning like an idiot.

That's what it looks like in the lobby, if you happen to look up. I really want a few of those big beans. They would look so cool in my room, next to the big candy wrapper I painted in seventh grade.These bean portraits were everywhere. They are so cool. People trace over a photograph, then paint it. Then they soak Jelly Bellies in glue and stick them on the appropriate places. It must take forever!
They didn't let you take any photos inside the actual factory part, so too bad for you all. I loved watching the packaging unit. Zillions of little boxes traveled through various "stations" on conveyor belts. They were so cute that I actually laughed out loud while looking at them in their cunning little rows.
The gift shop was huge, but the one product that I seeked out was nowhere to be found. Jelly Belly is currently producing a candy that consists of a dried cherry, a layer of chocolate, and a sweet candy coating. If you ever spot it, let me know, thanks a bunch, you guys are awesome, la la la... We bought some jelly bellies for my sister, but nothing for ourselves because they give you a FREE bag of jelly bellies at the end of your tour! They are very big on free samples here. They even have a "sample bar," where it is perfectly acceptable for you to demand that they let you stuff all the beans you want into your maw without paying a cent. I tried a cantaloupe bean. It tasted exactly like a cantaloupe. I also tried a cinnamon toast bean. It tasted exactly like cinnamon toast. This lady from the "Chocolate Shoppe" approached my dad and I to offer us chocolate pecan clusters. Of course we accepted. With the free bag we recieved and all the samples, we didn't even need to buy anything in the end, except for a bag for my sugarhead sister.
Another interesting thing was the cafe. They sell pizza and hamburgers in the shape of jelly beans. Everybody who thinks that this is gross, say "aye." The pizza looks seriously deformed. Eurgh. We went to a nearby Mexican restaurant instead. I ate a taco that was not bean-shaped, then drank some flaming hot salsa so my dad would give me a dollar. Afterwards, we went to the dollar store, and I bought kiwi preserves. My dad bought fabric softener, conditioner, breath mints, and plastic clothes hangers.
Now I have to go to softball, so. Sorry this entry was so short!


Cookie said...

OMG I've ALWAYS wanted to visit the Jelly Belly Factory and you look like you had so much fun! I love love LOVE free samples esp if they're Jelly Beans! You've totally convinced me to go SOON!

Jeni said...

If you haven't been yet, I totally recommend going! Of course the samples are awesome, but the tour is really neat.
I couldn't take a picture, but at one point you could look out at millions of kajillions of kilometers of jelly beans at in their seperate trays. It looked like a patchwork quilt! Sort of...
I liked watching the big "tumblers," too, where you could see the jelly centers of jelly beans get their glossy, flavored coating.