Friday, February 13, 2009

Will Smith, Friday the Thirteenth, and Valentine's Day

If my cat were a celebrity, he would be Will Smith. Who knew.

This, my friends, is the knowledge gained from online quizzes. By the way, if you have a cat, you might want to sign him or her up for Catster. It's like Myspace for kitties. It's fun for about a week, then gets a little old. Ah well. Click here to sign up.
Now then, onto other topics. Today was Friday the thirteenth. Eek. I didn't have any bad luck, none of my family members died, and I checked my closet for renegade axe murderers. We're all clear. I actually had a very good day. Nobody gave homework, not even Goldman. Not even Rebustes. That is a pleasing fact.
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. That means today everybody brought little chocolates and such to school to peddle amongst friends. My dear little friends and I traded several sweets, and I ended up with a nice puddle of candy. Half went to my sister, the Reese's cup was stashed away in my room to devour later (thanks, Rachel!), and the rest I taped onto the lovely, glittery, gemstone-encrusted little valentine that I made for my dad. (Thanks Erika, Pooja, Alyssa, Amiee, Devin, Amanda, Michelle, etc.!) Sarah gave me a scrump-diddly-umptious hand-dipped chocolate-covered strawberry. It was a huge gigantic fruit the size of my freakin' head. Delicious. I gave my sister her valentine/present thing early, mostly since I was all in the whole Valentinesy spirit today. It was a boring gift, but tasty. 12 delicious Ferrero Rochers. We both love them, so I went to the drugstore last weekend to pick up a box. Yeah, I know, the drugstore. Not exactly fancy, but I'm just that kind of kid, ya know? 
A certain event also occured that left me very confused. Argh. No more details.
Anyway, crack open the champagne tomorrow night, break out the chocolate, smear on the red lipstick. Hope your Valentine's Day is awesome. 

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