Sunday, February 22, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

One of my favorite watch-movies-online-for-free websites just got closed down. Turns out, somebody realized what they were doing was illegal. (Somehow getting the tapes of movies that are still in theaters and putting them online.)
Luckily, there were dozens of other sites that were just as good. At first I was going to dance the night away with one of my favorite movies, Hairspray, but then I decided I would take advantage of the illegal-ness before this site got torn down as well. So instead, I watched Slumdog Millionaire. It had a nice full-screen option and the quality was great. Here is the site, it's great:
Anyway, this was a movie that I tried really hard to love. I wanted so badly to be deeply touched by it, to have a life-changing experience from watching it.
But. It was nothing all too special. It was entertaining, sure, but nothing like what people made it out to be. However, my opinions on movies tend to differ from the majority of the general public's. It was a surprisingly shallow film, just cliche enough that I usually could predict what was going to happen next, just funny enough at parts to make me chuckle, just intense enough to keep me watching instead of wandering away after twenty minutes, which is usually what happens when I watch movies at home. ("I could be upstairs reading!" "I could be baking cookies!" "I could be writing in my journal!" "I could be checking my e-mail!" "I could be doing anything instead of sitting around in front of the TV!")
If I really like a movie, it usually makes my "favorites" list. Otherwise, I proclaim that it sucks. However, this movie was one of the rare films that fall somewhere in between on the scale.

~Latika as a little kid was so freakin' adorable.
~The part where Jamal as a kid shows those white people around the Taj Mahal and
makes stuff up as he goes... LOL.
~The music was... CATCHY.
~The part where Jamal has to jump into a pile of crap... EW.
~The last ten minutes or so of it really, honestly sucks.
~The last lines: "This is our destiny." "Kiss me." Yeah, guys. Yeah. Really? YEAH.

One of the things I don't get is why it was rated R. It could have passed as PG, if the evil mafia child-abuser hadn't scooped out the kid's eye, which was gross, and if the game show host hadn't said, "It's my f'in show!" After all, RENT was only PG-13 and they said the f-word several times, and with more acute sharpness than the game show dude's muffle-shout.
So. There ya go. I actually wrote this a few minutes before I finished watching, (made that comment about the lame last lines after I had finished) but now it's over. I am disappointed. Hopefully someday I'll find a movie not aimed at six to nine-year olds that I enjoy.
It is written.
It is my destiny.


Billy said...

try watching gran torino. that movie is AMAZING.

good luck. and dont worry the movies aimed at 6 to 9 year olds are the best XD

Jeni said...

I just looked it up on Vidloft: they don't have it. I guess I'll look around other sites for it... someday... maybe...
I watched Grease yesterday and got a cramp from dancing so much. It was like an old-fashioned Hairspray, which is arguably the best movie ever.