Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Name this Poem!

I wrote a poem just now, my first for a while. (As in, like, a week.) It's not exactly my best, but it needs a title. Leave a comment with a bunch of ideas for a title. Best idea gets a smiley emoticon in my next blog entry!
(By the way, this isn't based on a true-life experience or anything.)

I was part of you, you were part of me
We were fine-just-fine, content as could be
You could make me laugh, I could make you smile
We were friends, and even more than that for a little while
I didn't realize what we had until it was gone, too far out of reach
My life went uneventfully on, but I had to work around that breach
The passage of time whisked you away
I'm forced to just live with it, day after day
You had an informal fan club, which included me
Now I'm an outsider, watching objectively
The slipping away of the year did a lot of harm
I can't help but notice you've lost your charm
We had a bond that was broken by destiny
Once a package deal, we're now boxed separately
You live in your world, I live in mine
And neither of us dare to cross the narrow line
That divides our precious "us" into "me" and "you"
You're gone, and there's nothing I can do
I wish we could have fun again
I wish we could be one again

Anyway, any suggestions would be helpful. I'm thinking about "Division," but I'm not sure. Bleh.


Billy said...

-on the outside looking in

- the story of life, love, and truth

- love lost, love found

good luck!

Jeni said...

Boy, you SUCK.
It wasn't love, it was friendship!

And also, are you sick? *hands Kleenex*