Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hey, page-viewers. Been a while, huh? I've been busy with, you know. SCHOOL.
I pretty much wrote this post for the sake of writing it, because of that horrible guilty feeling I get if I don't post for a while. I don't have anything to say.
Well, I used to basically just talk to myself on here. Now I know there's at least one inconspicuous being out there who reads it. And that one inconspicuous being is also my one and only, single, solitary, lone, sole "follower." You know who you are! (And so does everybody else, who can just click on the little blue silhouette labeled "1 Follower.")(Not that there's anybody else who even reads this pathetic little blog, but still. I've been pretending so far, and I will continue to pretend.) As for other site news, my poll now has four votes. String cheese is currently winning the "What is the best fooooood?" poll. I voted for pickles. I would think more people would be pickle-fans. But no, I am apparently the Lone Pickle Consumer.

I'm going to start posting the songs that are stuck in my head at the moment in future posts.
Let's start now.

Mrs. Goldman has sprung another project on us. (Another, hah, it's only our second.) But this time, it's gonna be fun because it's nothing more than one of my hobbies. Lewis and Clark kept journals of their journey--rockin' the onomatopoeia there--up the Mississippi River. We have to do the same, make a journal of our daring expedition to school and back. I took some notes and stuff yesterday and today, but we have been instructed to "paint pictures with our words," something I have not quite accomplished.
Another thing: I have to make a movie in Spanish for--wouldn't you know it?-- Spanish clase, la clase de espanol. It's due in, like, March though. I have been working on writing the script in my free time, which is usually right about now if my chores are done, that pocket of time after my homework is finished but before it's time for dinner. So be grateful, guys, I'm writing for you in good old English instead of for Mrs. Navarro is Spanish. So far, my costar cousin and I have discussed our science teachers, maestros de ciencias, learned addition in our math class, debated over whether soup or a hamburger should be purchased for lunch in the cafeteria, and made plans to go to the theater. All in Spanish. Whew.
Valentine's Day is coming up next Saturday, nine days. Valentine's Day isn't one of those holidays that you get super-excited about weeks and months in advance, like Christmas. It's more like one of those nice holidays that come along to make an otherwise ordinary day a little bit more fun. Basically, friends give friends valentines. Couples get an excuse to go out on a hot date. Drugstores stock up on heart-shaped boxes of chocolates for lazy husbands and boyfriends to snatch up at the last minute for their expectant spouses or girlfriends and pretend they'd gotten the cheap gift at a fancy San Francisco choclatier. I printed out my valentines the other day, now I'm going to change my poll to which kind of candy I should buy to stick onto them with Scotch tape.
Well, it's time for this little blogger to run along. Bye.

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