Friday, January 16, 2009


Today was:
  • The last day of finals. Whew! I got an A on my math final, which was a very pleasant surprise. Now my parents won't die of the humiliation of having to raise an mathematical failure.
  • The last day of volleyball in P.E., which was an unpleasant non-surprise. We are moving on to field hockey, a sweaty, fast-paced game with aggressive, ruthless people shoving you aside and stepping on the bright-white toes of your brand-new shoes, and third-degree wackos waving lethal hockey sticks all over the place and accidentally whomping us less ambitious folk in the face.
  • The announcement of a new project for language arts: we have to define some terms that will pop up as we read The Diary Of Anne Frank. Then we have to make it into a game show, Keynote, slideshow, movie, etc. My little groupies and I chose to make it into a movie. We were planning to get together on Sunday and I was supposed to call everyone, but I misplaced the paper with all their numbers, so I'm in a bit of doo-doo now.
  • The free Bronco Night. Our reward for being so darn smart. Hah. Anyway, I'm going to spy again tonight. I even put together a really cool all-black spy outfit this time, and I'm gonna get closer this time! Yeah!
Eso es todos you tengo dice, aussi voy a hacer mi tarea.

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