Sunday, January 18, 2009


I didn't feel like blogging tonight. But it is my duty to record all the little events in my life, I guess.
Anyways, today my groupies came over to mi casa to "do" our "project." None of them remembered to bring their notes (typical) but LUCKILY, I THOUGHT TO RESEARCH FOR EVERYBODY, IN CASE THAT HAPPENED. We mucked around for half an hour, then shot the "genocide" scene, and mucked around for another hour or two. We had more than our fair share of bloopers in the few fractions of time that we were actually filming our exciting definitions movie. I can't believe how inefficient we were in the five-hour stretch it took us to complete the movie. It turned out less-than-great, but hopefully we get extra points for creativity. Or not. Maybe. Yes. No. Not.
Augh. Keep 'em crossed, folks!
Also: I don't know if I've mentioned Project Citizen to my dearheart beloved page-viewers yet. Wait, I just opened a new page and checked my blog, and the verdict is: No. So yeah, guess it's about time you heard about all this. Bottom line is, we're being forced to be good citizens. We have to set up a recycling program in a school or plant daisies in a park or something. We have to interview our local state representatives or city legislators or something.
Okay, gotta go. 30 Rock's on. :)


Billy said...
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Billy said...

haha, wow, jenny I remembered my notes!! how dare you!! and you forgot to mention all of our adventures and the party pooper!!

Jeni said...

Well i didn't really feel like blogging that day... And I'm not gonna bash Erin on the Internet.