Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Volleyball rocks. (No surprise there!) But this year en la clase de educacion fisica, (P.E.) it is rocking even more. It is rocking my socks off... literally. That's a funny story that I'll tell you about later...
I find myself actually looking forward to P.E. nowadays, and am disappointed when the whistle blows and we have to sit in our neat little rows and holler "BUILDING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS!!!" (If you had Mornhinweg, you'd get it.) Mostly I suck but still, es muy divertido. I can serve well, and (some of) my bumps go over the net, at least. I can't set, though. If it seems as if I need to, I would rather back up and bump instead. Es mas facil. Anyway, that's just about it.

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