Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Almost Dead

I'm bored. Too bad I have nothing to write about.
Oh yeah... How about that life-threatening experience that occurred on Tuesday? Now I have a title, yay.
Well, we are finally doing something fun in P.E., after agonizing months of swimming and weight training: Volleyball! Yesterday we were practicing serving, but everybody was crammed into three courts. We were supposed to aim for our partner on the other side, which was just about impossible. So instead, Deli and I both scootched up closer to the net and practiced bumping and setting instead. So much safer. But we were squished between Jesse and Louie, both people who were practicing serving, and both people who hit the ball hard. Okay, I can't really drag the story on more than I have. Jesse, who was standing way back behind me because he was serving, hit the ball, and it went way up in the air... but I was in front of him, so I should I know that the ball was plummeting towards my head?
Actually, all the people screaming "DUCK! DUCK! WATCH OUT!" finally gave me the hint, so I tried to find the ball in the air, but it was too late because as soon as I moved, the ball skimmed past my shoulder and landed with a BANG that sounded like a bomb going off. They said if I hadn't turned to see where the ball was, it would have hot me straight-on. Or maybe they were just craving a little drama.
By the way, don't think it was too big of a deal. There were only about four or five witnesses...

Enjoy this picture of my cat:

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