Friday, November 21, 2008

Threeeeee Daaaaaay Weekeeeend!

If you haven't figured it out from the title, we are having a three day weekend. One day has already been used up by homework, the walking of two dogs, and the pounds of homework my teachers piled on to keep us busy over the weekend. Great idea, guys. Really. I appreciate all the extra work. Keeps me from getting bored.

That reminds me, have you guys ever seen Fred videos on Youtube? They are my favezz. Fred recently got a stupid, overrated last name, Figglehorn. His videos have become slightly less funny over the past year. Yet I still love his cute little self. Here is the link to his channel, or page, or whatever you call it on YouTube.
How about the "Will it Blend" things? You've probably seen at least one of those dumb videos. I can't believe he demolished an iPhone. Why do I keep watching them? Why?
Hmm, now what? I guess I could put the link to JKL videos on here, but nah. Like Fred, their videos simply are not as funny as they used to be. There was one other channel I was going to put on here, but now I forget what it was.

I plan to start the filming tomorrow morning, if my sister finally just agrees. If not, I will get "tree shots" and "sledgehammer shots."
I just realized, nobody is going to get* that.

*as in understand

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Lady Macbeth (Hannah) said...

I'm gettin' a whole week of, chiquita. IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME!