Monday, November 10, 2008

Painfully Ordinary

Here's another one I might be talking about on here:
I went back to my path today. It was horrible. I expected so much, and got so little.
I barely remembered how I had gotten there before, so wandered around for twenty minutes until I saw the little passageway into wonderland. Which wasn’t exactly wonderful anymore. I stood there on the path, stood where I had stood a week before, and stood, and stood, but felt nothing. And I walked down the path, and walked, and listened, and looked, but there was nothing to hear, nothing to see.
Then I started noticing things. There was a short tree with red leaves on the bottom branches but orange fuzz on top, and a row of bricks that led down to somebody’s patio, and bloodred flowers hanging off of a bush, and pink blinds in one of the windows. Things that I hadn’t noticed before.
I realized that it was because before, I was feeling my way through the trail, propelled forward by the magic, whisked through it from an inner feeling. I hadn’t looked at the trail, really. I just listened and knew there was a tree, and smelled and knew there was ivy, and everything else had just blended together and faded away into the swirling of thoughts going through my head.
Now that my head was back out of the clouds, I could really see things. And in all honesty, nothing was that much to look at. Sure, there was attractive ivy covering the ground, but it was nothing but ivy. And yeah, there were some nice trees around, but they were nothing but trees. And as I made my way slowly down this suddenly unfamiliar path, I looked back and saw something totally different from what I’d seen last week. The gorgeous picture I had in my mind was suddenly erased and replaced with THIS. This was nothing. This was boring trees and boring shrubs and boring pavement. Something to be seen and forgotten. The beauty had slipped away along with the magic, and what was left was this painfully ordinary path.

Buggywhip Court. This was something I saw on the way back to my grandma’s. Tell me, would you live in a place called Buggywhip Court? Wouldn’t you rather find a nice cardboard box and park it outside of a donut shop? “Buggywhip” is not what you name a collection of houses. It sounds like a disgusting innovation in snake food. Squashed-up bugs sold in an aerosol can that you squirt into your pet snake’s food dish. Insta-protein. I can see it now... Are you tired of lugging home live crickets to feed to your snake? Do you find it plain gross to watch a reptile eat insects? Well, we’ve got the solution for you! Try the new BUGGYWHIP! Just a dollop of this fantastic product a day, and your snake will have all the protein he needs! And that means no more crickets for you! Try BUGGYWHIP!
Yes, these are the thoughts running through my mind as I stare at the sign: Buggywhip Court.

Another thing I saw: green leaves and yellow leaves on the same tree. I’m serious. Green leaves. Yellow leaves. Same tree. And I mean BRIGHT lime green and LUMINOUS yellow, punches of neon color growing off the same branches. Is this truly within the power of Mother Nature? It looked like a twisted ad for some all-natural lemon-lime soda. Weird, at least in my eyes.

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