Friday, November 14, 2008

Coloring Contest

I am thirteen years old. But NOT too old for coloring contests!
There was this one in the local newspaper, and I was really bored. So I begin coloring it, and add some more stuff in. Then I'm like, hey, I might as well mail it in. So I did, and pretty much forgot about it after that...
Until today! I was sifting through the mail and spotted my name on an envelope, in handwriting. That was weird. Most envelopes with my name on them were autoprinted and addressed to my parents. Then I notice it is from a realtor, which was weirder, because it wasn't
our realtor. Then I remember, hey! That's the one that put the coloring contest in the newspaper four weeks ago! So I tear it open and pull out, sure enough, my coloring contest entry in all its overcrowded, colorful glory. Then there is TEN DOLLARS to Baskin Robbins...! And a nice little card of congrats that she wrote.
I'm so happy.
But it's so weird, my first coloring contest, and I'm a teenager... My childhood was lacking.

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